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A secondexample of anair-1(RNAi) embryo expressing GFP histone andGFP-{alpha}-tubulin.PairedDIC/GFP imageswere acquiredevery 6 s.{alpha}-Tubulinfailsto accumulate atmitotic centrosomes, andnuclear envelope breakdownisdelayedcomparedto wild-type (see Video 3).Inthisembryo, the two pronucei meetapproximately inthe center, butmeeting doesnottrigger NEBD.Note thatAIR-1 depletioncanalso resultinpolarity defects(Schumacher, J.M., N. Ashcroft, P.J. Donovan, and A. Golden. 1998. Development. 125:4391–4402.), which are evidentinthissequence.