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Wild-type meiosis: 4-Dmicroscopy wasperformedonlive embryosexpressing a histone H2B-GFP reporter (Praitis, V., E. Casey, D. Collar, and J. Austin. 2001. Genetics. 157:1217-1226). These data show oocyte-derivednuclei undergoing meiosisjustafter fertilization. Ateach time point, a stack wascreatedof GFP fluorescence assequential imagesalong the z-axiswith 0.13 �m betweenadjacentimages. Consecutive time points, each 3 minapart, were combinedinto a continuousmovie separatedby time labels. Each stack beginsatanupper focal plane andmovesalong the z-axistowardsa lower focal plane. The magnificationis120x.