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Video 2
Interphase MT dynamics in control, CLASP-depleted, and mRFP-CLASP2{alpha} -rescued cells. HeLa cells, stably expressing GFP-a-tubulin were observed 72 h after transfection with the control (left) or CLASP112 #A (middle) siRNAs. For the rescue experiment, mRFP-CLASP2{alpha} expression vector was introduced into cells 48 h after transfection with CLASP112 #A siRNAs and the cells were observed 24 h later (right). In the right panel (rescue) the images of GFP-{alpha}-tubulin (green) and mRFP-CLASP2{alpha} (red) are superimposed in the first frame; in the following frames are the images of the green channel. Images were collected every 2 s for 2 min 20 s. Frame rate, 12 frames/s, 70 frames.