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Figure S4. Additional cell growth and autophagy data. (A) Dominant cell size increase by Hsc70-4e3. Clones were induced in wing imaginal discs heterozygous for a FRT-linked, GFP-marked Hsc70-4e3 chromosome. Forward light scatter (measure of cell size) was determined for wild-type (red trace) and Hsc70-4e3 heterozygous (green trace) cells. Clones were induced 74 h before dissection and grown at 25°C; few Hsc70-4e3 homozygous cells survive under these conditions. The genotypes used were hsflp122/+; FRT82B/FRT82B Ubi-GFP Hsc70-4e3. (B and C) Requirement of Hsc70-4 for starvation-induced autophagy. Clones of cells mutant for Hsc70-4 (B) or expressing dominant-negative Hsc70-4K71S (C) fail to show induction of punctate LysoTracker staining in response to a 4-h starvation. Arrow in B indicates an Hsc70-4 mutant clone.