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Figure S4. Expression of NF186ΔABD at nodes of Ranvier inhibits ankyrin G accumulation. Quantitation of the inhibitory effect of NF186ΔABD on node formation is shown. DRG neurons were nucleofected with either NF186-GFP or NF186ΔABD-GFP; seeded with Schwann cells; allowed to myelinate; and stained for ankyrin G, P0, and GFP. Ankyrin G intensity at nontransfected (control) and transfected nodes was measured by using LSM software (Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc.). Brightness amplitude (0-255) was plotted against the nodal length (µm). Expression of NF186ΔABD frequently resulted in diminished accumulation of ankyrin G at nodes, indicated by intensities below 50, whereas expression of NF186-GFP did not alter ankyrin G intensity. Numbers of nodes analyzed: NF186-EGFP, n = 195; companion nontransfected controls, n = 198; NF186ΔABD-EGFP, n = 125; companion nontransfected controls, n = 129.