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Figure S2. Round perinuclear mitochondria in MARCH5H43W-expressing cells are larger than fragmented mitochondria in Opa1 RNAi cells. Opa1 RNAi HeLa cells, obtained as described previously (Lee et al., 2004) (A), and MARCH5H43W-YFP transfected cells (B; green) were immunostained for Tom20 and analyzed by confocal microscopy. Cells expressing relatively high levels of MARCH5H43W-YFP are shown. Projected series of confocal z-sections obtained with the interval of 0.25 ┬Ám are shown. Note apparent difference between the size of fragmented mitochondria formed due to unbalanced fission in fusion-deficient Opa1 RNAi cells (A), and round perinuclear mitochondria in MARCH5H43W-YFP expressing cells (B).