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Figure S4. Localization of PAR-3, aPKC, and SCRIB do not require MALS-3. Immunohistochemisty of MALS-3+/− kidney sections from 6-wk-old mouse shows that aPKCζ (A, top) and PAR-3 (B, top) are expressed at the tight junction (arrows), while SCRIB (C, top) primarily localizes to the basal membrane (arrows) of proximal tubule epithelia. Localizations of aPKCζ (A, bottom), PAR-3 (B, bottom), and SCRIB (C, bottom) are unchanged in MALS-3−/−. (D–F) Kidneys from MALS-3+/− (top panels) and MALS-3−/− (bottom panels) mice show no differences in tubular epithelia for the localization of ZO-1 (D), JAMS-A (E), or claudin-7 (F). Sections were also stained with DAPI to label nuclei (blue) and phalloidin (green) or AQP2 (green) to label the brush border of proximal tubules or collecting ducts, respectively. Bar = 10 μm.