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Figure S2. Relative expression levels of Bod1-GFP. (A) Bod1-GFP was transfected into HeLa cells contained in a six-well plate at the concentrations shown and harvested 48 h later. Immunoblots of cell lysates were probed using anti-Bod1 (top) and anti-GFP (bottom). (B) Mitotic profile of untransfected HeLa cells and HeLa cells transfected with 200 ng Bod1-GFP HeLa cells 48 h after transfection. (C) Immunofluorescence of cells expressing low and high levels of Bod1-GFP. (top) 1-s exposure for Bod1-GFP. (bottom) 0.12-s exposure for Bod1-GFP. Bar, 5 μm.