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Figure S2. Myo10 knockdown inhibited BMP6-induced endothelial random migration. MECs were transfected with the GFP-tagged Myo10 siRNA2 or control siRNA and cultured on the glass-bottom culture dishes (collagen-coated 35-mm dish; no. 0 coverslip; 10-mm-diameter microwell; MatTek). Transmitted images were taken every 5 min for 300 min to track the GFP-positive cells after BMP6 pretreatment for 4 h. Cells were maintained at 37°C. The cell tracks were analyzed by ImageJ (Plugin-MTrackJ by E. Meijering, University Medical Center Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands). a and b indicate GFP-positive cells containing control siRNA or Myo10 siRNA2.