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Figure S1. Bid structure and sequence. (A) The three-dimensional structure of full-length human Bid as determined by NMR (Chou, J.J., H. Li, G.S. Salvesen, J. Yuan, and G. Wagner. 1999. Cell. 96:615–624; McDonnell, J.M., D. Fushman, C.L. Miliman, S.J. Korsmeyer, and D. Cowburn. 1999. Cell. 96:625–634). Cleavage by caspase-8 at D60 results in the tBid-N fragment (residues 1–60) indicated in blue and the tBid-C fragment indicated in red, which in vitro remain associated in a complex with the same structure as uncleaved Bid (Chou et al., 1999). The proapoptotic BH3 domain (helix 3) is indicated in yellow. (B) Amino acid sequence of full-length human Bid. Amino acids of tBid-N are numbered. Helices 1–8 are annotated based on Chou et al. (1999). The arrowhead indicates the caspase-8 cleavage site. (C) Amino acid sequence of tBid-N in various species. Cysteine residues are indicated in red and the conserved T17 is underlined.