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Figure S3. The CP has a fixed orientation with the C1b and C2b projections on the same side as the basal foot. Overview (a) and details (b and c) of a tracheal cell from the wild type. Arrowheads in b mark the No. 1 doublets, each of which lies in a plane perpendicular to the plane of the CP (Afzelius, B. 1959. J. Biophysic. Biochem. Cytol. 5:269–278). Inset in b shows the CP in detail. The diagrams in d and e indicate the range of positions of the basal feet (indicated by dashed lines) with respect to the CP in wild-type (d) and hy3/hy3 (e) tissue. Bars: (a) 1 µm; (b and c) 100 nm; (b, inset) 50 nm.