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Figure S3. Inhibition of DNA damage response prevents MICA and MICB up-regulation in Dicer knockdown cells. Dicer knockdown-induced MICA and MICB up-regulation was prevented by incubation with caffeine (A) or by cotransfection with ATR siRNA (B), ATM siRNA(C), or Chk1 siRNA (D). Dicer knockdown cells incubated with caffeine or cotransfected with different siRNAs (red) were compared with Dicer knockdown cells (green) or to control siRNA-transfected cells (blue). Filled histograms indicate isotype control antibody staining. The x axis depicts staining intensity and the y axis depicts the relative number of cells. At least three independent experiments were performed, and representative histograms are illustrated. (E) Dicer siRNAs were cotransfected with ATM, ATR, or Chk1 siRNAs, respectively, and levels of these transcripts were determined by real-time RT-PCR. Data represent means ± SD from three independent experiments. (F) Western blotting indicated simultaneous knockdown of Chk1 and Dicer in HepG2 cells.