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Figure S3. Golgi translocation toward the IS is impaired in dynamitin-disrupted cells. Z projection of dynamitin-disrupted cells conjugated with SEE-pulsed Raji cell. The Golgi apparatus (giantin antibody, followed by rhodamine red X-labeled secondary antibody) is observed in red and p50-GFP-dynamitin in green. A 3D maximal projection (white line, projection axis) of the z stack showing the MTOC encircled by the Golgi vesicles is shown. Fixed (paraformaldehyde) and processed cells were mounted with ProLong Gold and observed at 22°C on a DMI6000 (HCX PL APO 63×/1.40-0.6 NA oil λBL objective). Images were acquired and processed with LCS, and figures were composed with Photoshop CS. Asterisks, Raji cells. Bar, 10 µm.