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Video 1
Spinning-disc confocal microscopy was used to capture concomitant movements of Tf-positive endosomes and melanosomes in melanocytic MNT-1 cells. 10 µg/ml Tf-A488 was endocytosed continuously during the acquisition. Insets show magnified areas of boxed regions. Arrows track a melanosome (red) all along the acquisition. Fluorescently labeled endosomes (green) are distributed throughout the cell and are frequently observed in close contact with melanosomes (pseudo-colored in red). Note that Tf-positive endosomes also appear to contact melanosomes in regions of the cell with fewer melanosomes (e.g., at the cell periphery). Acquisition parameters were 200-ms exposure for the A-488 channel and 30 ms for bright field. Bar, 10 µm. Video is shown at 1 frame/7 s.