Table 1. Channels linked to the yeast mitochondrial outer membrane
ChannelConductanceVrev (mV)PK+/PCl-Reference
Por14.5 nSa−11a0.58Forte et al., 1987
Tom40360 pSb40c8–10Hill et al., 1998; Becker et al., 2005
Sam50640 pSb30c4.5Kutik et al., 2008a
Mdm10480 pSb21.5c2.8Ellenrieder et al., 2016
Mim1580 pSb53c23.5This study
Ayr11.47 nSb30–43c4.5–10This study
OMC7570 pSb−12.5c0.55This study
OMC8550 pSb−15.5c0.48This study

The channels are listed with maximal conductance, reversal potential (Vrev), and cation/anion selectivity (PK+/PCl-).

  • a Gradient 1 M/100 mM KCl.

  • b Symmetrical buffer conditions including 250 mM KCl (cis/trans).

  • c Gradient 250 mM/20 mM KCl (cis/trans).