Table 2. DAVID analysis of genes that correlate with high Vav3 expression
Annotation cluster 1Enrichment score: 4.33
Focal adhesiona (KEGG_PATHWAY)185.1E−6
Regulation of actin cytoskeletona (KEGG_PATHWAY)188.0E−6
Proteoglycans in cancer (KEGG_PATHWAY)132.5E−3
Annotation cluster 2Enrichment score: 3.42
Cadherin binding involved in cell–cell adhesiona (GOTERM_MF)188.1E−5
Cell–cell adherens junctiona (GOTERM_CC)191.1E−4
Cell–cell adhesiona (GOTERM_BP)116.3E−3
Annotation cluster 3Enrichment score: 2.58
Outflow tract morphogenesis (GOTERM_BP)91.5E−5
Palate development (GOTERM_BP)63.2E−2
Heart looping (GOTERM_BP)54.0E−2
Annotation cluster 4Enrichment score: 2.05
Differentiation (UP_KEYWORDS)242.1E−3
Neurogenesis (UP_KEYWORDS)126.4E−3
Nervous system development (GOTERM_BP)145.2E−2
Annotation cluster 5Enrichment score: 1.90
GTP-bindinga (UP_KEYWORDS)153.6E−3
GTPase activitya (GOTERM_MF)124.4E−3
Small GTPase mediated signal transductiona (GOTERM_BP)121.1E−2
Nucleotide phosphate-binding region:GTPa (UP_SEQ_FEATURE)151.2E−2
GTP bindinga (GOTERM_MF)161.5E−2
Small GTP-binding protein domaina (INTERPRO)91.5E−2
P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolasea (INTERPRO)241.1E−1
Annotation cluster 6Enrichment score: 1.81
Actin-bindinga (UP_KEYWORDS)132.6E−3
Actin filament bindinga (GOTERM_MF)82.1E−2
Brush border (GOTERM_CC)62.2E−2
Actin bindinga (GOTERM_MF)135.1E−2
Annotation cluster 7Enrichment score: 1.76
Tight junctiona (KEGG_PATHWAY)91.4E−3
Bicellular tight junctiona (GOTERM_CC)61.9E−2
Tight junctiona (UP_KEYWORDS)52.0E−1

Annotation cluster defines a group of terms having similar biological functions. The enrichment score is the rank of the annotation cluster based on its significance within the dataset tested. The count column refers to number of genes involved in the same category.

  • a Annotation cluster categories related to barrier function.