Table 1. Endothelial cell types used in the study
Vascular bedEC typeAbbreviationPassage no. obtainedPassage no. used for experiments
ArterialHuman aortic ECHAECP1/P2P4–5
Human iliac artery ECHIAECP3/P3P4–6
VenousHuman saphenous vein ECHSaVECP2/P3P4–6
Human umbilical venous ECHUVECP1/P1P4–5
MicrovascularHuman brain microvascular ECHBMVECP2/P3P4–6
Human adipose microvascular ECHAMVECP2/P2P4–6
Human uterine microvascular ECHUMVECP1/P2P4–5
Human lung microvascular ECHLMVECP2/P2P4–6
Human dermal microvascular ECHDMECP1/P2P4–6

ECs for each tissue type were obtained from two different sources. Initial passage numbers of obtained cell samples per source and passage numbers used for final experiments are shown on the right.