Table 2.

Relevant parameters for ATM activation upon a subset of genotoxic treatments

ParameterApproachFigureNTMMC (200 nM)DOX (50 nM)UV (5 J/m2)CPT (25 nM)CPT (1 µM)
Fork reversalEM analysis3, B and C−/+++++++++++
DSBsPFGE1 B and S4−/+++
ATM signaling at forksiPOND pRPA326 B++
ATM signaling totalWB pRPA324 and S4++
ATM signaling totalWB pKAP14 and S4+/−++/−++
ATM signaling totalWB pATMS4+/−++++
  • Parameters were assessed by different investigation methods, as displayed in the indicated figures. −/+, +, ++, and +++ indicate increasingly clear phenotypes. NT, not treated; WB, Western blot.