Table I

Quantitation of Dynein Immunolabeling

Percentage labeled*Distance‡Number of points§Density‖
Cystolic capsids (n = 93)13.0      48323.70
Viral capsids (n = 203)  1.5     69640.46
Number of gold particles*Number of points§Density‖
Nucleus 881,3760.69
Mitochondria  8  1350.53
  • *  The number of gold particles over each structure was counted. For the capsids, gold particles localized within a corridor of 80 nm around the capsid were scored as being localized to the capsids. The number of cystolic gold includes labeling on endosomes, Golgi apparatus, mitochondrial membranes, and cystolic gold particles with no apparent relationship to a membranous organelle.  

  •  The distance of each gold particle within the 80-nm corridor around the cytoplasmic (n = 12) or viral capsids (n = 3) was measured, and the average distance is shown.  

  • §  A lattice grid representing a distance of 0.319 μm between points was used.  

  •  The labeling density is calculated by dividing the number of gold particles per structure by the area per structure.