Table I

Sialyltransferase Activity in Mammary Epithelial Cell Lines Transfected with cDNA Encoding α2,3 Sialyltransferase, α2,3 SAT (O), or with Vector Only

Cell lineActivity
MTSV1-7 puro 2.2
MTSV1-7 3STMYC 3.1064.3
MTSV1-7 3STMYC 3.1142.2
MTSV1-7 3STMYC 3.1445.0
MTSV1-7 3STMYC 4.167.3
MTSV1-7 3STMYC 5.255.7
T47D neo 2.4
T47D 3STMYC 213.9
T47D 3STMYC 317.6
  • Enzyme assays were carried out as described previously (Brockhausen et al., 1995). The absolute values for α2,3 sialyltransferase activity in the MTSV1-7 and T47D series of cell lines are not directly comparable as the assays on the two series were performed at different times.