Table II

SPA2GFP Complements Shmoo Formation Defect of Δspa2 Mutant

SPA2 constructPercentage of shmoos*
  • Cells were treated with α-factor and quantitated as described in Materials and Methods. SPA2 denotes WT cells with pRS406 integrated at URA3 (RAY876), − are Δspa2 cells with pRS406 integrated at URA3 (RAY578), and SPA2GFP are Δspa2 cells with pRS406SPA2GFP integrated at URA3 (RAY765). For each strain 250 cells were counted. SPA2GFP had no effect on shmoo formation or morphology of wild-type cells (see Table V).  

  • *  Peanut- and pear-shaped shmoos were designated as shmoos.