Table I

Quantitation of Cell Cycle Duration and Embryo Swimming in K2.4-injected, Control-injected, and Uninjected Embryos

Average duration of cell division cyclePercent blastulae swimming
h:min ± SD
K2.4-injected1:02 ± 0:150 (n = 33)
SUK-4–injected0:59 ± 0:10100
Nonspecific  IgG–injectedND100
Uninjected1:02 ± 0:16100
  • To determine the average duration of cell division cycles, progression through the fourth through seventh cell division cycles were measured and averaged for four K2.4-injected embryos, three SUK-4–injected embryos, and two uninjected embryos monitored simultaneously in a single batch of fertilized eggs in a single injection chamber, as described in Materials and Methods. The percentage of blastulae swimming for K2.4-injected embryos was obtained by monitoring 33 K2.4-injected embryos that remained stationary indefinitely, while control-injected and uninjected embryos in the same injection chamber were swimming. In fact, all control embryos that reached the ciliated blastulae stage (n > 100) swam, but none of the K2.4-injected embryos did so.