Table III

Quantitation of Ciliary Length and Density at Two Different Time Points on a Region of the Surface of Anti–kinesin-II–injected, Control Antibody–injected, and Uninjected Embryos

Average length of ciliaDensity of cilia
μmper 100 μm2
First observationSecond observationFirst observationSecond observation
K2.4-injected 6.0 (46) 5.5 (55)1.14 (70)1.56 (71)
Nonspecific  IgG–injected11.9 (50)10.6 (39)0.88 (83)1.05 (44)
Uninjected13.9 (140)17.4 (61)0.99 (171)1.17 (62)
  • Cilia lengths and densities per unit area were measured on the surface of two K2.4-injected blastulae, two nonspecific IgG-injected blastulae, and three uninjected blastulae to generate the “First observation” data. To generate “Second observation” data, cilia lengths and densities were measured again, 40 min later, on exactly the same surface region of the first embryo in each condition. Number of cilia scored are included in parentheses (n) in the table.