Table II

E-selectin Expression by ECs at Wound Edges

Time after woundingE-selectin–positive ECsMean increase in number of E-selectin–positive ECs (n = 3)
MonolayerWound front
11 h4.113.52.2 ± 0.5
27 h4.310.42.4 ± 0.5
  • Confluent EC monolayers were wounded by scraping with a pipette tip at either 13 or 29 h after plating. The cells were stained for E-selectin 27 or 11 h thereafter, respectively (i.e., 40 h after plating). An average of 2,600 cells was counted in the confluent monolayer, and 1,700 at the wound edge for each experiment, and the E-selectin–positive cells was calculated as described in Materials and Methods. The percent of positive cells at either the wound front or in the monolayer in a single experiment (n = 1) is shown. Also shown is the mean increase in the number of positive cells at the wound front compared to the monolayer for three experiments where all experiments showed the same trend.