Table II

Comparison of the Properties of the p62cplx-associated PI3-kinase with Other Described PI3-kinases

p62cplx-associatedVps34p‡Human PI3-kinase* (VPS34 homologue)PI3-kinase* (p110)
Adaptor moleculep62Vps15pp150p85
Wortmannin (IC50)3.5 μM3 μM2.5 nM3 nM
Affect of low NP-40 (0.1–0.5%)StimulationStimulationInhibitionStimulation
NP-40 (IC50)0.35%1.0%0.01%0.1%
Adenosine sensitivityNoNoNoNo
PI (4)P as substrateNoNoNoYes
Cation preferenceMn2 > Mg2+Mn2+ = Mg2+Mn2+Mg2+ = Mn2+
  • Our data for the p62cplx-associated activity is summarized. Data for the other PI3-kinases is from the references noted. Only the well-characterized PI3-kinases have been included in this table.  

  • *  Data from Volinia et al., 1995.  

  •  Data from Stack and Emr, 1995.