Table V

Localization of GFP-Chs4p in Wild-type and Mutant Strains*

Relevant genotypeGrowth temperaturePercent of cells with localized GFP-Chs4p
bni4-Δ1 [control plasmid]23°C 8
bni4-Δ1 [BNI4 plasmid]23°C30
chs3-Δ1§23°C 4
chs3-Δ1 [CHS3 plasmid]23°C34
cdc12-6 [control plasmid]23°C33
cdc12-6 [control plasmid]37°C 2‖
cdc12-6 [CDC12 plasmid]23°C33
cdc12-6 [CDC12 plasmid]37°C32
  • *  Unbudded and tiny-budded cells from the experiments described in Fig. 7 were scored for the presence or absence of a patch or ring of fluorescence at the presumptive bud site or at the base of the tiny bud. 200 cells were scored for each strain.  

  •  DDY197 (chs4-Δ1/chs4-Δ1 [p326]).  

  • §  Introduction of a control plasmid into this strain did not detectably affect GFP-Chs4p localization (data not shown).  

  •  In addition, a few cells (<1%) with tiny buds had concentrations of GFP-Chs4p fluorescence in the vicinity of the bud but not in the normal band at the base of the bud (see Fig. 7 H).