Table I

Inhibition of Retrograde Membrane Traffic

Treatment32° to 40°CBFA
AlF4+*     +*
W7+  +
Wortmannin+  +‡
  • CHO cells stably expressing VSVG–TGN38 were incubated with the indicated drugs or pharmacological treatments for 10 min at 32°C before shifting either to 40°C for 2 h, or adding 1 μg/ml BFA and incubating at 32°C for 30 min. Refer to Materials and Methods for concentrations and descriptions of the individual treatments. Cells were fixed and double labeled with anti-VSVG antibodies and antiserum to the Golgi resident enzyme, mannosidase II. The redistribution of VSVG–TGN38 into the ER at 40°C, and VSVG–TGN38 and mannosidase II into the ER with BFA, is shown as (—) for control cells. Full and partial inhibition of these redistributions are indicated by (++) and (+), respectively.  

  • *  Indicates VSVG–TGN38 becomes vesiculated in the Golgi region;  

  •  indicates the redistribution of VSVG–TGN38 into the ER is partially inhibited, whereas redistribution of mannosidase II is unaffected.