Table I

Immediate Effects on Blebbing

Cytochalasin D  (actin depolymerizer)↓ ↓ ↓ A decrease in blebbing was  seen 10 min after addition of  cytochalasin D, and this  inhibition was seen for the  length of the experiment (1 h).
Taxol  (microtubule stabilizer)No change was observed  in blebbing over the  time-course of the  experiment (1 h).
Nocodazole  (microtubule destablizer)No initial changes are apparent  in amount of blebbing cells,  although by 1 h there is an  increase in number of  blebbing cells.
BDM  (inhibits myosin ATPase)↓ ↓ No changes are apparent by  counting static cultures.  Observation of cells via  time-lapse however, shows  a striking decrease in the rate  of protrusions and retractions  (cells appear “frozen” in place  with blebs extended).
  • 24 h after serum removal and z-VAD-FMK treatment, either cytochalasin D (0.5 μg/ml), taxol (100 μM), nocodazole (5 μM), or BDM (15 mM) was added to cultures. 1 h later, the number of blebbing cells was counted. Time-lapse videomicroscopy was also used to determine effects of BDM on blebbing.