Table I

Frequency of Nuclei with Clustered Centromeres (in Percent) Over a Mitotic Time Course in the Diploid MATa/ MATa and the Haploid bar1 Strain Synchronized with α-Factor

Minutes after release from α-factor0153045607590105120
DiploidPercent centromere clusters8385899081908288ND
HaploidPercent centromere clusters817780798368788180
Percent anaphases 0 0 0 0 01610 1 0
  • 100 nuclei were evaluated for each time point in both the diploid and the haploid strain. In the haploid, the presence of telomere signals allowed the identification of anaphases. Nuclei were classified as being at anaphase when two centromere clusters were present at opposite peripheral positions with most telomere signals between them (compare Fig. 2, f with g). The frequency of centromere clustering was roughly constant for all time points except for t = 75 min in the haploid where a large proportion of nuclei showed anaphase configurations instead.