Table I

Relative Internal Volume of Ruthenium Red–labeled Plasmalemmal Invaginations in Antibody-injected Hepatocytes

Injected antibodySurface invaginations* (percent cell volume)Range (percent cell volume)nIncrease over control (-fold)
HI Ab        0.50 ± 0.140–2.62231.0
αDyn Ab 0.98 ± 0.20‡0–5.09342.0
  • Hepatocytes were injected with heat-inactivated antibodies as controls (HI Ab) or anti-dynamin antibodies (αDyn Ab; anti-Pan65, n = 27 and anti-Dyn2T, n = 7), then fixed and processed for electron microscopy using ruthenium red to stain the plasma membranes as in Fig. 4. The relative internal volume of ruthenium red–labeled plasmalemmal invaginations was determined with a grid overlay on electron micrographs of complete cell profiles (n).  

  • *  Values are median relative volumes ± SEM.  

  •  Using the Wilcoxin rank sum analysis this value is significantly different from the control value (P < 0.02; two-tailed test), whereas the values from individual data sets were not significantly different from each other.