Table II

Surface Density of Caveolae in Antibody-injected Hepatocytes

Injected antibodyCaveola density*RangenTotal surface membraneFold increase
per μmcaveolae per μmμm
HI Ab 0.93 ± 0.280.33–4.4623295.71.0
αDyn Ab2.18 ± 0.30‡0.74–7.9134307.22.3
  • Hepatocytes were injected with heat-inactivated antibodies as controls (HI Ab) or the anti-dynamin antibodies (αDyn Ab; anti-Pan65, n = 27 and anti-Dyn2T, n = 7) then fixed and processed for electron microscopy using ruthenium red to stain the plasma membranes as in Fig. 5, d and e. The surface density of caveolae in antibody-injected hepatocytes was determined from electron micrographs of complete cell profiles (n) for each set of injections.  

  • *  Values are expressed as the median density ± SEM.  

  •  Using the Wilcoxin rank sum analysis this value differs significantly from the control value (P < 0.001; two-tailed test).