Table I

Yeast Strains Used in This Study

PN1972 h    1
PN7cdc25-22 h1a
PN21ade6-704 h    1
PN111cdc10-129 h+1b
PN135cdc17-K42 h+1c
PN136cdc18-K46 h+1c
PN137cdc19-P1 h+1c
PN138cdc20-M10 h+1c
PN139cdc21-M68 h+1c
PN140cdc22-M45 h+1c
PN359cdc25-22 ade6-704    1
PN585wee1+(3x) wee1+::LEU2+ leu1-32 h1d
PN1089orb2-34 cdc10-129 ade6-M210 leu1-32 h1e
PN1191cdc10-129 ade6-704 leu1-32 h+    1
PN1652ral3Δ::ura4+ura4-D18 ade6-M210 leu1-32 h90    2
PN1733tea1Δ::ura4+ura4-D18 ade6-M210 h1f
JB110pom1Δ::ura4+ura4-D18 h    3
HM318nda3-TB101 ura1-61 leu1-32 ade6-M210 h+    4
KS153ral3Δ::ura4+ura4-D18 cdc10-129 h901g
KS189tea1Δ::ura4+ura4-D18 cdc10-129 h+1g
KS179pom1Δ::ura4+cdc10-129 h+1g
KS165nda3-TB101 cdc10-129 h+1g
KS101PN21 with integrated nmt1::ral3-GFP1g
KS110PN1191 with integrated nmt1::ral3-GFP1g
KS113PN359 with integrated nmt1::ral3-GFP1g
KS217nda3-TB101 cdc10-129 leu1-32 ade6-704 h+1g
 with integrated nmt1::ral3-GFP
  • Sources of strains: (1) Nurse laboratory stock, with references: (a) Thuriaux et al., 1980 (b) Nurse et al., 1976, (c) Nasmyth and Nurse, 1981, (d) Russell and Nurse, 1987, (e) Snell and Nurse, 1994, (f) Mata and Nurse, 1997, and (g) this study; (2) M. Yamamoto (University of Tokyo, Japan) (Fukui and Yamamoto, 1988); (3) J. Bähler (Imperial Cancer Research Fund) (Bähler and Pringle, 1998); (4) M. Yanagida (University of Kyoto, Japan) (Yamamoto, 1980).