Table III

Effect of Headless Xklp3 and SUK4 on Lysomal Movement

Cell groupTreatment
Nontransfected*0.35 ± 0.0390.21 ± 0.044
pEGFP-C1*0.39 ± 0.0950.18 ± 0.038
pEGFP-headless Xklp3*0.36 ± 0.0540.18 ± 0.012
SUK4-injected‡0.24 ± 0.0500.22 ± 0.072
  • Average distances between lysosomes and the cell center were measured in nontransfected/noninjected cells, cells transfected with either pEGFP-C1 or pEGFP-headless Xklp3, and cells injected with SUK4 (10 mg/ml). To compensate for cell size differences, the averages were normalized by being divided by the square root of the cell area.  

  • *  For each group, acidic and alkaline are significantly different (P < 0.01); there is no significant difference between any two groups (exception of SUK4) under the same treatment.  

  •  Acidic and alkaline are not significantly different (P < 0.05); SUK4 acidic significantly differs from nontransfected acidic (P = 0.01).