Table I

Effect of Antibody Injection on Centrosome

Antibody injectedHours after injection
+ 3 h+ 24 h
Cells with centrosome (%)
GT335194/194 (100)150/452 (33)
Human IgGs458/458 (100)337/337 (100)
1-6.1109/111 (98)177/178 (99)
L3171/171 (100)210/210 (100)
  • Cells were microinjected with GT335 IgGs or control IgGs and fixed after 3 or 24 h. Cells were decorated by immunofluorescence with secondary antibody to detect the injected IgGs, and with anticentrosome antibody to determine the percentage of cells that presented a centrosomal labeling. These results were obtained from several independent experiments (percentages are shown in parentheses).