Table IV

Nuclear Position in Mutant Shmoos

Table IV
NucleusIn/at neckIn centerAt bottom
Wild type6634 0
kar9Δ 17128
spa2Δ8515 0
pea2Δ8315 2
bud6Δ4258 0
  • The percentage of nuclear positioning defects in mutant shmoos. Wild type (MS1556) and mutant strains kar9Δ (MS4306), spa2Δ (MS5208), pea2Δ (MS5229, bud6Δ (MS5849), and bni1Δ (MS5215) were induced to form shmoos with alpha factor for 2 h. Cells were fixed, stained with DAPI, and then scored for nuclear position. n = 100 cells for each strain.