Table II.

Dominant Effects of Mutations of the Genes Involved in Intracellular Signal Transduction on the Bristle Phenotype Caused by DRalS25N

Mutant alleles testedEffects
mbtP1No effect
mbtP2No effect
cdc421No effect
Df(3L)emc5 (DRac1)No effect
Df(3L)pbl-X1 (DRac2)No effect
RhoADf236No effect
RhoADf903No effect
RhoAP2No effect
Ras1e2FNo effect
D-raf1No effect
Dsor1GP158No effect
Dsor1Su1No effect
rlEMS64No effect
rlSu23No effect
  • w1118/Y; sca-GAL4/sca-GAL4; UAS-DRalS25N/MKRS, Sb males were crossed to females of the indicated mutant stocks. The resulting F1 progenies carrying the mutation indicated, and sca-GAL4 and UAS-DRalS25N were compared with the flies carrying sca-GAL4 and UAS-DRalS25N, but no mutation. Flies analyzed were reared at 29°C.