Table 3

Quantitation of Rab4, Rab11, and EEA1 on BSA-Gold-filled Endosomes

BSA-gold endosomes, 5 min internalization686149
BSA-gold endosomes, 5 min internalization235918
BSA-gold endosomes, 30 min internalization435133
Rab4 endosomes54
  • EM analysis: BSA-gold–filled endosomes from cells expressing GFP-Rab4 were immuno-labeled with antibodies against GFP and EEA1 or Rab11. Numbers represent the percentage of total BSA-gold–filled endosomes labeling for EEA1, Rab4 and Rab11, or the percentage of Rab4-positive endosomes labeling for Rab11 (bottom row).