Table 1

Phenotype of cyk-4 Mutant Animals at the Restrictive Temperature

GenotypeStage at time ofshift to 25°CPercentviablePhenotype ofsurviving progenyN
N2 (wild type)embryos98.8wild-type485
cyk-4(not shifted)70.2fertile198
cyk-4embryos1.5sterile, highly Unc324
cyk-4L1 larvae100.0sterile, highly Unc89
cyk-4L2/L3100.0sterile, highly Unc55
cyk-4L4100.0fertile, lay dead embryos52
cyk-4, xsEx1[cyk-4:GFP]embryos59.4fertile350
  • Except for the N2 control, the complete genotype of the strain was unc-32(e189) cyk-4(t1689ts). Gravid hermaphrodites were allowed to lay embryos for 2 h at the permissive temperature. The adult was removed and the number of embryos was counted. After 24 h at the indicated temperature, the number of unhatched embryos was counted.