Table 2

RNAi Phenotype of Rho Family Members

InjecteddsRNALocusPercent cytokinesisdefective (N)No. of time-lapserecordingsNo. ofcytokinesis-defectiveAdditionalphenotypes
RhoAY51H4A.B95 (175)1515 (100%)
Rac-1C09G12.8BNot emb. lethal50
Cdc42R07G3.112 (74)223 (14%)symmetric 1st division (5/22); no rotation in P1(12/22); rotation of AB (2/22)
OthersF22E12.2Not emb. lethal
Y32F6B.3Not emb. lethal
K03D3.9Not emb. lethal
  • Young adult hermaphrodites were injected with the indicated dsRNAs and broods of laid embryos were scored for embryonic lethality. dsRNAs that induced embryonic lethality were further characterized by dissecting embryos and scoring for multinucleate embryos and by performing time lapse recordings and evaluating cytokinesis, spindle orientation in the single cell embryo (symmetric or asymmetric first cleavage), and spindle positioning in the P1 and AB blastomeres.