Table 3

Cyk-4 and Zen-4 Are Interdependent for Their Localization to Division Remnants

GenotypeTemperatureTotal no. of stainedremnantsTotal no.of cellsAverage no. ofremnants/cellNo. ofembryos
N2 (wild type)251101370.8016
zen-4(or198ts)25 (18 min)111470.0724
N2 (wild type)251502050.7322
cyk-4(t1689ts)25° (15 min)101760.0619
  • Wild-type and zen-4(or153ts) embryos grown at the indicated temperatures were fixed and stained for Cyk-4. Similarly, wild-type and cyk-4(t1689ts) embryos, grown at the indicated temperatures, were fixed and stained for Zen-4/CeMKlp1. The no. of cells in each embryo and the no. of remnants staining with Cyk-4 or Zen-4 antibodies was counted.