Table 4

Quantification of CPY Secretion from Strains Expressing Wild-type or Suppressor Mutant Forms of VPS10

GenotypePercent CPY secretion ± SDn
VPS35 VPS10<51
vps35Δ VPS1078 ± 0.44
vps35-105 VPS1045 ± 2.54
VPS35 vps10-Q1499L<51
vps35Δ vps10-Q1499L75 ± 1.14
vps35-105 vps10-Q1499L14 ± 1.85
  • The approach used for analysis of CPY and a description of the strains is detailed in the legend to Fig. 4. The percent CPY secretion was determined using Phosphorimager analysis of radiolabeled CPY as described in Materials and Methods. With the exception of the two VPS35 strains, the percent CPY secretion reflects the average of multiple experimental determinations where the number of experiments is indicated (n). The SD is also indicated.