Table 2

Sequential Acquisition of Hydrolases

Phagosome age
30′/0′1 h/1 h1 h/6 h1 h/24 h
Cath A++++++++++++
β-Hexosaminidase α++++++++++++
Cath B++++++++++
Arylsulfatase B+++++++++
Superoxide dismutase++++++++
Cath D++++++++
Cath L++++++++
Cath S++++++++
Palmitoyl thioesterase++++++++
Cath Z++++++
  • Sequential acquisition of hydrolases during phagosome maturation. Each identified hydrolase was monitored by 2-D gel electrophoresis after isolation of latex bead–containing phagosomes at different time points during phagolysosome biogenesis. The level of each protein was evaluated by measuring the density of the spots and their surface using PD-Quest. The results clearly indicate that phagolysosome biogenesis is characterized by the sequential acquisition of hydrolases. Note that some hydrolases, such as LAP and napsin, could not be listed here, as they were only identified by the 1-D gel method.