Table 4

Effects of erv41 and erv46

Strain numberGenotypePhenotype*
FY834wild type
CBY356erv14ΔDelayed germination, slightly slower growth, cold sensitive
CBY799erv46ΔCold sensitive
CBY797erv41ΔDelayed germination, cold sensitive
CBY795erv41Δ erv46ΔNo effect
CBY823erv14Δ erv46ΔSlow germination, slow growth, cold sensitive
CBY825erv14Δ erv41ΔVery slow germination, slow growth, cold sensitive
CBY894erv14Δ erv41Δ erv46ΔExtremely slow germination, slow growth, cold sensitive
CBY832erv41Δ erv46Δ emp24ΔNo effect
CBY841erv41Δ ypt1-3Significant decrease in temperature sensitivity
CBY843erv46Δ ypt1-3Slight increase in temperature sensitivity
CBY845erv41Δ erv46Δ ypt1-3Significant decrease in temperature sensitivity
CBY912erv41Δ uso1-1No effect
CBY910erv46Δ uso1-1No effect
CBY914erv41Δ erv46Δ uso1-1No effect
CBY943erv41Δ sec35-1No effect
CBY941erv46Δ sec35-1No effect
CBY945erv41Δ erv46Δ sec35-1No effect
CBY849erv41Δ sec21-1No effect
CBY851erv46Δ sec21-1No effect
CBY852erv41Δ erv46Δ sec21-1No effect
CBY853erv41Δ sed5-1No effect
CBY855erv46Δ sed5-1No effect
CBY857erv41Δ erv46Δ sed5-1No effect
CBY860erv41Δ sec12-1No effect
CBY862erv46Δ sec12-1No effect
CBY863erv41Δ erv46Δ sec12-1No effect
CBY923erv41Δ sec16-2No effect
CBY921erv46Δ sec16-2No effect
CBY924erv41Δ erv46Δ sec16-2No effect
CBY932erv41Δ sec13-1No effect
CBY933erv46Δ sec13-1No effect
CBY930erv41Δ erv46Δ sec13-1No effect
CBY917erv41Δ sec23-1No effect
CBY916erv46Δ sec23-1No effect
CBY919erv41Δ erv46 sec23-1No effect
CBY964erv14Δ rer1ΔNo effect
CBY949erv41Δ rer1ΔNo effect
CBY970erv29Δ erv14ΔNo effect
CBY968erv29Δ erv41ΔNo effect
  • *Conditions tested: YPD at 16°C, 25°C, 30°C, 36°C, and 38°C.