Table 1

Distance between Geometric Centers of the Cell and the Nucleus before and after Y-27632 Treatment

0 min60 min
Control15.65 ± 1.7515.60 ± 1.19
Y-2763215.92 ± 1.2510.98 ± 0.94
  • The distance between the geometric center of the cell and the nucleus was determined form time-lapse recording. Measurements were made form 11 control and 19 Y-27632–treated cells that were randomly selected, and the same cells were measured at 0 and 60 min. The distance in control cells including those treated with Y-27632 for 0 min was roughly 16 μm, whereas it decreased to about 11 μm in cells treated with Y-27632 for 1 h. This decrease was statistically significant (P < 0.05).