Table I.

Classification of Golgi protein components

ComponentFunctionTypeGFP constructs tested (source)
Glycosylation enzymesCarbohydrate processingType II integral
 membrane proteinGalT-GFP (Cole et al., 1996b);
 ManII-GFP (Cole et al., 1996b)
Itinerant proteinsTransportType II integral
 membrane proteinp58-GFP (this study);
 p23-GFP (Blum et al., 1999);
 Sec22-GFP (Chao et al., 1999)
Scaffold proteinsStructuralPeripheralGRASP65-GFP (Barr et al., 1998);
 GFP-GM130 (Barr et al., 1998)
Coat proteinsSortingPeripheralϵCOP-GFP (Presley et al., 1998)
  • All GFP constructs in each group behaved in the same way under all conditions tested. Only one example is given in results.