Table I.

The proportion of signals external to chromosome territories

Gene/locus (cytogenetic location)Percentage of signals outside of chromosome territory
Two-dimensional (MAA-fixed)Three-dimensional (pFa-fixed)
WAGR (11p13)111
Wt1 (MMU2)3ND
D11S12 (11p15.4)4330
D11S679 (11p15.5)6831
IGF2 (11p15.5)7228
D11S483 (11p15.5)8843
11p tel (11pter)8758
245N5 (MMU7)40ND
80N2 (11q13)6957
MHC Class II (6p21.3) fibroblasts1312
MHC Class II (6p21.3) fibroblasts + IFN-γ2619
MHC Class II (6p21.3) keratinocytes1912
MHC Class II (6p21.3) lymphoblasts3436
EDC (1q21) keratinocytes2522
EDC (1q21) lymphoblasts86
  • The proportion (%) of signals scored as outside of chromosome territories in two-dimensional FISH (MAA-fixed) and three-dimensional FISH (fixed in pFa). All human chromosome 11 loci were analysed in fibroblasts. Mouse loci (MMU) were examined in embryonic stem cells. The analysis of the human MHC Class II (6p21.3) and EDC (1q21) of Volpi et al. (2000) and Williams et al. (2002) in fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and lymphoblasts is shown for comparison. For two-dimensional analysis, n = 100; for three-dimensional analysis, n = 35.