Table I.

aPKCk06403 is a genetic null mutation: aPKCk06403/aPKCk06403 and aPKCk06403/Df(2R)JP1 have indistinguishable phenotypes

Metaphase NB (Miranda)bn = 43n = 53n = 67
basal cortex95%0%0%
basal + weak apical5%21%18%
uniform cortical0%79%82%
Telophase NB (Miranda)bn = 27n = 18n = 40
basal cortex100%0%0%
basal + weak apical0%44%50%
uniform cortical0%56%50%
Lethal phaseAdultL2L2
Larval locomotioncNormalUncUnc
  • a Wild type (WT) is yellow white; Df(2R)JP1 removes the entire aPKC locus.

  • b Neuroblast phenotype was assayed in early second instar larval brains.

  • c Locomotion was evaluated 72 h after larval hatching at RT, at which time wild type were third instar larvae and both mutant genotypes were developmentally arrested second instar larvae. Unc, uncoordinated.