Table III.

Inhibition of early colony formation by pre-treatment with anti-integrin subunit antibodies

TreatmentColonies/lung ± SDRange
 (# of colonies)# of micet test against no antibody
No antibody2.25 ± 1.710–512-
Anti-β1 blocking0070.001
Anti-β1 nonblocking2.43 ± 1.721–67-
Anti-α3 (P1B5)0.71 ± 0.760–270.016
Anti-α3 (ASC-1)0.71 ± 0.950–270.022
Anti-α61.86 ± 2.270–57-
  • HT1080-GFP cells were treated with the indicated antibodies for 0.5 h before injection as described in the Materials and methods section. After washing, 5 × 105 cells were injected into the tail vein of nu/nu mice. The numbers of colonies were counted after scanning the entire surface of the left lobe of the isolated mouse lung. A two-tailed t test is shown only for those with a significant difference as compared to the no antibody control.