Table I.

S. cerevisiae strains generated in the course of this work

AGY09SEY6210 GFP-RUD3::S.p. his5+
AGY10C13-ABYS-86 (MATa pra1-1 prb1-1 prc1-1 cps1-3 ura3-
   52 leu2-3 112 his3), HA-RUD3::S.p. his5+
AGY14BY4741 erv14Δ::kanMX4, GFP-RUD3::S.p. his5+
AGY18SEY6210 GFP-rud3ΔN104::S.p. his5+
AGY19SEY6210 GFP-rud3ΔN194::S.p. his5+
AGY20SEY6210 GFP-rud3ΔN294::S.p. his5+
AGY21BY4741, GFP-RUD3::S.p. his5+
AGY22BY4741 USO1-GFP::S.p. his5+
AGY23BY4741 erv14Δ::kanMX4 USO1-GFP::S.p. his5+
AGY24IAY11 ([MATα ade2-1 trp1-1can 1-1000 leu2-3 112 his3-
   11,15 ura3-52 ade3-Δ853] ric1Δ::his3 rud3Δ::kanMX4
   + pEH [RIC1 in pRS316]).
AGY25SEY6210 GFP-rud3ΔN405::S.p. his5+
AGY26BY4741 rud3Δ::kanMX4 ARF1-GFP::S.p. his5+