Table II.

List of mutants tested for compartmentalization of the Sec61-GFP marker or the ssGFP-HDEL

 HDELProtein encoded by WT geneLocalization
cdc12-1NTSeptinBud neck
cdc12-6NTSeptinBud neck
shs1ΔNTSeptinBud neck
hsl1Δ+NTSDKBud neck
gin4Δ+NTSDKBud neck
swe1Δ+NTSeptin checkpointBud neck and nucleus
cdc12-6 swe1ΔNT
hsl1Δ gin4Δ swe1Δ+/−NT
hsl1Δ gin4Δ+/−NT
elm1Δ+NTKinase and septin organizationBud neck
kcc4Δ+NTSDKBud neck
clb2Δ+NTG2/M cyclinNucleus, spindle pole bodies,
   spindle, and bud neck
sar1-D32GNTER vesicle buddingER
sec18-1NTVesicle fusionER, Golgi, and vacuole
cdc48-6+Homotypic fusionCytoplasm and nucleus
rvs161Δ+NTEndocytosisBud neck
rvs167Δ+NTActin distributionActin cytoskeleton
bnr1Δ+NTActin cable nucleationBud neck
bni1Δ+NTActin cable nucleationBud tip
spa2Δ+NTCell polarity and cell fusionBud tip and bud neck
sph1Δ+NTPolarized growthBud tip and bud neck
bud6ΔNTPolarized growth, bud site selection,
   and septationBud tip and bud neck
pea2ΔNTPolarized growthBud tip and bud neck
hof1Δ+NTCytokinesisBud neck
myo1Δ+NTCytokinesisBud neck
bni5Δ+NTSeptin organizationBud neck
bud3Δ+/−NTAxial buddingBud neck
bud4Δ+NTAxial buddingBud neck
axl2Δ+NTAxial buddingBud, bud neck, and vacuole
axl1Δ+/−NTAxial budding and cell fusionBud neck and cell surface
apl3Δ+NTα-AdaptinBud neck and cell surface
yap1801Δ+NTAssembly of clathrin cagesBud, bud neck, and cell surface
yck2Δ+NTCasein kinase IBud tip and bud neck
bud14Δ+NTBud site selection and vacuole maintenanceBud site, tip, and neck
bem1Δ+NTCell polarization and bud formationBud site, tip, and neck
bem2Δ+/−NTGAP for Rho1Bud neck and cytoplasm
bem3Δ+NTGAP for Cdc42Bud site, tip, and neck
bem4Δ+NTInteracts with rho GTPasesCytoplasm and nucleus
rom2Δ+NTGEF for Rho1Bud site, tip, and neck
  • At least six FLIP experiments were performed for each genotype (three movies on two independent segregants). For the mutation affecting the ER barrier, six additional movies were performed. NT, not tested.